Well worded Taylor

Well worded Taylor

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Hi. I'm Jenna. I like Tuesdays, kissing, addicting books, musical theatre, pretty flowers in the house, strong coffee, sweet tea, maxi dresses, pretty fingers, lots of rings, abs, lemonade, morning swims, hearing piano over the phone, pretty voices, and secret plans. I'm a last word freak. There's something about a man with good grammar that really gets me. I am finally learning to be happy with my life, and I can honestly say that I have never been this happy before. I'm only 18, and if I get any happier than I am now, I won't know what to do with myself. I like spontaneous moments. Like, when someone just kisses you and you don't know it's coming. Or when they ask to kiss you at a moment you didn't see fit, but you do it anyway and it ends up being the best moment you've ever had. I have an addiction to Burt's Bees chapstick. I love ceramics and my fish, Penelope. I say and do the wrong things in the wrong moments all the time. I love big sweaters and cuddling. I secretly hope I run into certain people while I'm out running errands. I could stand in the greeting card section of a store and look at the cards for hours. I love sitting alone in public places because I'm alone, but then again, I'm not at all. I love learning new words. I have fallen deeply and madly in love with musical theatre (or theatre in general actually). I have finally come to the realization that things are a hell of a lot more fun without the added complications. I wish I had a blue eye and a brown eye. I love Chipotle's cilantro rice. If I were ever on My Strange Addiction, it'd be for grape juice or fried rice with yum yum sauce. I wish I had the ability to wholeheartedly shut someone out. I don't do well in tense situations. I love it when there's lipstick on my coffee cup. I always go to the third bathroom stall. My biggest pet peeve is being late. I like to dance and act ridiculous. I love startripping. I want to learn how to read palms. I love butterflies. I like having a packed schedule. I think it's adorable when guys open car doors for girls, kiss their foreheads, and secretly hold their hands. I will take a roadtrip with my best friend the summer before college. It makes my day when other people's days are made. I love it when I lose my voice, but it doesn't happen often. I love photo booths. Sometimes I wish I had old-fashioned parents. I love reading old letters and yearbook signatures. My food is not allowed to touch when I'm eating. I have the strongest desire to learn sign language; it's so beautiful. I have routine for almost everything. I absolutely love late night conversations; especially the ones that last until like 3 or 4 in the morning. I try to listen the best that I can. I'm afraid of people that have the ability to make me feel vulnerable. Lucky pennies make me happy. I'm very superstitious. I'm a good secret keeper. I love adventures and try to have as many as humanly possible.